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The first issue of Isabel magazine was published for January-February 1996. Subscription information is available here. The magazine is published in both English and Spanish.

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Betrayal of History

The War of Succession (part 3)

Unity in the Church and Evangelization of the World: Queen Isabel the Catholic of Castile (part 2)

The Spirit of Isabel

The War of Succession (part 2)

Unity in the Church and Evangelization of the World: Queen Isabel the Catholic of Castile (part 1)

TPF-Covadonga and the TPFs of the World Defend the Memory of Isabel the Catholic

A Commentary on Thanksgiving; a Celebration of the New World

On the Edge of Failure

The Great Evangelizer

In Paint and Wood: A Poem for Isabel

Like St. Joan of Arc

Genocide in America

In Memoriam of Antonio Santander de la Cruz

The Beginnings of a War

Isabel the Catholic and Her Succession to the Throne

The Rev. Fr. Jose Maria Gil, CMF: Faithful Worker for the Catholic Queen

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Promoter of Religious Art

Isabel like Ferdinand

Isabel the Catholic a model of true feminism, an answer for our time

Twenty-five years as Cardinal

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Woman of the Classics

Conference About the Queen by one of her Descendants

Crowned to Serve (from Isabella de Trastamara by Elizabeth Long)

Isabel and Teresa, Women of Castile

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: First Stone Building in America Hospital for the Indians

Through Good Times and Bad

Precious Gifts Come in Small Packages

Model for Government Leaders

Her Dream Fulfilled - The True Faith Flouishes in the New World

Working to Promote the Truth

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Isabel's Disciple, Prof. Jose Perez Montero

Patience Gains All Things (from the book La Incomparable Isabel la Catolica, by Jean Dumont)

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Forming a New Culture

They Are the Same, the Same They Are...from Selection of Readers Digest The Castles and the Crown by Townsend Miller

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Brother Juan Perez and the Voyage of Christopher Columbus

That's him, that's him! From 'Isabel the Catholic Foundress of Spain' by Cesar Silio Cortes

What is the Cahpter of the Noble Kinghts of Queen Isabel the Catholi and of the Very Noble, Imperial and Croned Village of Madrigal de las Altas Torres?

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: The Holy Brotherhood

Final Decision from Misterio de Isabel la Catolica, by Jose Maria Gil

May the Truth Prevail by Megan Lynch

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: An Exemplary Evangelist

Age Vs. Maturity

The Pain of a Queen's Heart Part II

Interview with Juan Luis Beceiro, Author of The Historic Lie Unveiled

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: The Tempietto

The Pain of a Queen's Heart Part I

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Hispanity

Intervention from Heaven

Justice: the Axle of a Reign

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pact of Guisando

A Canonization That We Desire: That of Isabel the Catholic

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: Blessed Juan Diego

Faithful to the Legitimate King

Interview with the Mayor of Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Mr. Florentino Garcia Calvo

The Inheritance of Isabel the Catholic: By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

The Royal Court of Segovia

Conference of the Journalist Jesus Gallo

History of the On-Going Cause

April 22, Queen Isabel Day


Her First Years

Queen Isabel, a Model for the New Evangelization

Building a Global Christendom

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it will bear much fruit.” John 12:24

Does God plan to rebuild Christendom, globally? Is the Holy Spirit inspiring hearts around the world so that the Christendom which went to ground in the sixteenth century may emerge again in a new form? Jesus rose from death with superabundant life. This life He gives to His Church so like Him, despite all attacks, the Church cannot be destroyed.

Christendom is where the ultimate sovereignty of Jesus Christ as God the Son and Redeemer is explicitly recognised and celebrated by the secular authorities. Exactly what form a global Christendom may take we do not know, but we can be absolutely sure of vital principles which have been present in the Church from Her earliest days. The more perfectly men and women practice these enduring principles, the more strongly we can expect to see Christendom emerge.

Listed below are what we regard to be the most essential aspects of Christendom, and we find all of them epitomised beautifully by Queen Isabel the Catholic. It is this, combined with the fact that we have such rich historical documentation of her life, which makes Queen Isabel the perfect study and patron for the building of a renewed and global Christendom. In this hope, successive issues of Isabel Magazine are treating each of the following themes:

• Issue 66: Christian Unity
• Issue 67: Generosity to the Church
• Issue 68: Interior Life of Faith
• Issue 69: Exterior Signs of Faith
• Issue 70: Defence against Attack Without
• Defence against Corruption Within
• Outward-looking Evangelisation
• Resisting Satan
• Exercising Charity
• The Family
• Loyalty to the Pope
• The Eucharist
• Devotion to Mary

Queen Isabel

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